Articulate 360

The industry-leading creator platform for workplace learning

More than 115,000 organizations have created millions of courses using our creator tools. Articulate makes it easy to build and assign interactive workplace learning courses.

What’s included with Articulate 360

All the creator tools and resources you need, continuously updated with new features. It includes:

Award-winning creator tools

Articulate 360 gives you the right app for the job, always

Our creator tools make it simple to build online learning quickly and effectively. Start from templates on hundreds of topics that range from new hire onboarding to security compliance to create courses in minutes. Easily add interactive activities, quizzes, and other lean-forward moments that keep your learners engaged.

12+ million course assets

Get started quickly with an ever-growing library of templates and course assets.

Get the course assets you need to get going quickly. Articulate 360 includes a library of 12+ million photos, templates, characters, videos, icons, and more.

Online stakeholder reviews

Get approval on courses easier and faster.

Speed project reviews by allowing stakeholders to view courses and provide feedback in a web browser—no app download required.

Content creation experts at your fingertips

Learn how to build better courses from the industry’s leading experts

Get on-demand webinars and videos to grow your course creation skills.

Join our premium support, build your courses hand in hand with our experts.