Ext JS

Build data-intensive applications using JavaScript

Ext JS is a comprehensive JavaScript framework that lets you build cross-platform web and mobile applications for any modern device.

Accelerate your web application development with Ext JS


Ext JS is an enterprise-ready JavaScript framework with a comprehensive component library. Our 140+ pre-built components include grids, pivot grids, exporters, layouts, charts, and D3 adapters.


With the Sencha platform, your team can focus on building apps without having to worry about the framework. You can get your app to market faster and reduce maintenance costs because Ext JS and the UI library are integrated seamlessly.

Everything you need to Create Modern Web Applications

Build data-intensive, complex apps effortlessly with our ready-to-use and high-performance UI components.



Build web apps faster and easier with an enterprise-ready framework, components, and tools built to work together seamlessly.



Accelerate your design process with pre-integrated tools like Sencha Architect, Stencils, and Themer that help you create, prototype, and style your Ext JS applications.



The most comprehensive unit and end-to-end testing solution for Ext JS that helps you deliver high-quality applications faster.



Ext JS flexible layout manager helps you create responsive web applications that look great on any device.



Ext JS aligns with ADA Standards. ARIA package ensures accessibility for Section 508 Compliance.

Data Package


The robust data package included in Ext JS decouples the UI components from the data layer.


Popular Components

See the most popular UI components from our library.

See all 140+ components

Pivot Grid

Rapid summarization of large datasets.


See Pivot Grid


Craft personalized dynamic visualizations with unmatched adaptability.



A library of different types of feature -rich, interactive charts for data visualization.



Create stunning custom calendars.