Ispring Suite

Fast eLearning authoring toolkit

You can create courses this beautiful. Yes, you!

Explore the courses first-timers have designed with iSpring Suite. Download the full source files to see how it works.


If you know PowerPoint, you know iSpring

Course creation is fast and easy when you work in a familiar PowerPoint environment. Turn your presentations into eLearning courses and upload them to your LMS.

iSpring works perfectly with 150+ popular LMSs


iSpring Suite will be a perfect match for any LMS as it supports SCORM, xAPI, cmi5, and AICC standards. Our tech geeks have thoroughly tested 150+ LMSs to ensure they are 100% compatible with iSpring content.

iSpring content looks great on any device


iSpring Suite player automatically adapts to every screen. Your courses will display beautifully on any device and platform: PCs, Macs, tablets, and phones with iOS or Android.